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Gate Automation: Selecting the Right Operator for Your Project

Gate motors are a vital component of any project, often underestimated when it comes to choosing the ideal gate motor (operator) for a specific project. Numerous aspects of a gate need to be carefully assessed to ensure the most suitable operator aligns with your client’s requirements. These aspects include: 

Duty Cycle: Duty cycle refers to the number of operations a motor can handle in an hour, even in the worst-case scenario. For instance, if your client expects a morning rush with 100 staff entering within an hour, and the site must maintain security during this period, a high-duty cycle motor is essential. Standard-duty cycle motors, if used, can overheat, triggering a protective shutdown until they cool down, thus halting access.

So why not opt for high-duty cycle motors for all gates? This decision often boils down to the adage “you get what you pay for.” High-duty cycle motors tend to be significantly more expensive, sometimes double the cost of a standard motor. Thus, understanding your client’s access requirements in detail is crucial to ensure cost-effectiveness for all parties involved.

For example, a 9m sliding gate with a 70% duty cycle will only allow approximately 30 operations per hour.

Size: Gate size influences gate weight, with heavier gates requiring larger operators. In the case of swing gates, wind strength is a factor, with longer gate leaves exerting more force on the motor when closing, especially in windy conditions. It’s advisable not to attach signage to swing gates as they act as wind sails, increasing resistance significantly.

Intended Use: Consider whether the gate will open and close only in the morning and afternoon or if high-security demands continuous operation with every vehicle. This relates to the duty cycle and determines how many operations per day the operator will handle, impacting the choice of motor.

Specifications: Certain clients may have specific gate requirements, such as high-speed operation (e.g., police stations and ambulance depots). Others, like Goodman, may insist on cast iron gear-boxes for sliding gates, an area where GDS excels with their motors.

Note: For safety reasons, LS Fencing does not recommend pedestrian traffic using vehicle gate openings.

Standard Inclusions:

Remotes: All motors include 2 standard white remotes. Please note that typical remote range is 10-15 meters. If longer range is required, kindly inform our Sales Team during the tendering process, as existing steel and concrete structures and wireless networks can interfere with remote control effectiveness.

Photo-Electric (PE) Safety Beams: PE safety beams are infrared beams crossing the driveway during gate operation to prevent gate closure on vehicles or pedestrians. Truck entry gates include dual-height PE beams, while car entry gates include single-height PE beams.

Optional Extras:

Induction Loops: These are cut into driveways to enable automatic gate opening upon vehicle exit, with the capacity to cover up to 12 meters. Larger exits may necessitate multiple loops.

Timer (7Day): Timers allow gates to open and close at pre-programmed times. 7-day timers follow a standard weekly schedule, regardless of public holidays and daylight savings.

Timer (365Day): Similar to 7-day timers but programmed for an entire year, accounting for holidays, daylight savings, and more. They are more expensive and require yearly re-programming.

Keypads: Keypads allow the creation of unique four-digit codes for gate entry, accommodating up to 1000 users.

Pedestals: Dual-height pedestals are suitable for truck entry gates, while single-height pedestals are designed for car entry gates.

Swipe Cards: Swipe cards provide secure access for larger companies with substantial staff numbers, serving as an economical alternative for controlled entry.

Swipe Fobs: Fob tokens are modern, compact versions of swipe cards with the same functionality, though they are more expensive due to their size.

Flashing Lights: Commonly used at government facilities like Transport NSW depots, these visual aids notify personnel of gate movement.

Audible Alarm: Like flashing lights, audible alarms are employed at government facilities to audibly alert personnel to gate movement.

Push-to-Exit: Push-to-exit buttons are often used in dock offices or reception areas to facilitate gate opening and closing over significant distances, as remote controls typically have a limited range of approximately 20 meters.

Key Switch: Key switches operate with a physical key, allowing gate opening. They are particularly useful for emergency services, such as the Fire Brigade/RFS, as the key cylinder can be replaced with a 003 key, a universal access cylinder for emergency services. This can prevent gates from being rammed for access in fire emergencies, in case an emergency release is not part of the Access Control system.

Traffic Lights: Gate traffic light systems feature a simple red/green stop/go two-light system that helps control traffic during gate opening and closing to prevent vehicles from racing the gate and potentially

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