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LS Fencing Razar Tape®: Your Trusted Anti-Climb Security Solution

At LS Fencing, we proudly offer Razar Tape®, a tried-and-tested anti-climb barrier available in concertina or flat loop forms. Our installation process is straightforward, making it an excellent visual deterrent and a robust physical barrier. LS Fencing provides three Razar Tape® profiles: ShortBarb, Medium Barb, and Long Barb, all offered in galvanized or stainless steel.



Razar Tape® Security Fencing, also recognised as Barbed Tape or Razor Wire, is constructed with razor-sharp steel blades. Not only does it serve as a powerful visual deterrent, but it also creates an exceptionally challenging physical barrier for potential intruders. Razar Tape® resists crushing and trampling, making it nearly impossible to cut without specialized tools – and even then, it remains a slow and perilous task. When you choose LS Fencing, you’re adding an effective supplementary layer of security to your fencing system.

Razar Tape® offers four profiles: Short Barb, Medium Barb, and Long Barb. Four hook barbs are die-cut every 25mm and securely fastened around a high-tensile spring steel core wire. The barbs are closely spaced to eliminate handholds and designed to penetrate various forms of clothing. 

Standard stanchions form a two-rail system designed for level ground. However, Monowill Handrails provide the flexibility for customisation. Additional rails, up to four, can be incorporated, and specialized handrails are available for raked or sloped applications, such as staircases. 

LS Fencing Razar Tape® is available in two configurations:

Flat Loop Razar Tape®: Supplied as individual clipped loops of short barbed tape, ideal for attaching directly to fence tops parallel to the fence line. It suits security scenarios where overhanging into adjacent properties is not feasible or where a clean, flat appearance is desired. Flat loop is also perfect for gate toppings and can enhance cutting resistance and security when attached to the inside of fences.

Concertina Razar Tape®: Formed by clipping adjacent loops of a single coil together at regular intervals around the circumference. When extended, it forms a cylindrical pattern, limiting the coil’s extension and providing integral strength. This eliminates the need for supporting cables. The hardened spring steel core wire reinforces the self-supporting barrier, making it extremely difficult to cut and ensuring its long-term effectiveness as a security fence.

LS Fencing Razar Tape® security fencing is frequently used as a topping for fences or walls, often in combination with other high-security fencing like Securemax – a high-security, anti-climb mesh fencing system. It can be attached directly to a fence line or surface using a “V” or “W” Mesh profile with specialized clips and ties available from LS Fencing. Alternatively, LS Fencing’s Croc top® can be used as an attachment point, offering added deterrence and protection.

LS Fencing takes pride in offering Razar Tape® as a cost-effective and efficient high-security fencing product. It can be stored in a compact condition, ready for deployment.

Choose LS Fencing for your security needs. We lead the industry in high-security fencing and perimeter control systems. Our experienced and highly qualified team offers comprehensive and professional services. Contact us today to secure your property! 

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